Glen Cove Drivers Are Making the Trip Over to East Hills Subaru this Winter

Winter has finally reared its ugly head, making venturing out even more of a chore.  So perhaps journeying any further down the road than need be to trade in that rusted old thing parked in the driveway is not originally what you had planned. Actually it's probably the last thing you were thinking.  However, some things are worth traveling a few extra minutes down the road, especially when you can insure that there will be smiling faces and a knowledgeable staff there to greet you.

That's why Glen Cove drivers don't mind heading over to visit us at East Hills Subaru, where they find more than just that desirable new Subaru and the guaranteed quality of a used ride, but staff more than willing to help match them up with the car of their dreams.

And the friendliness extends even further into the Service Center and Parts Center where our experts are gurus when it comes to figuring out what your Subaru needs--diagnoses completed and the occasional surgery done with both your budget and time in mind.

Jump on the bandwagon, brush off the snow and hurry on over to see us because in the end, after your receive impeccable service, what's a few extra miles going to mean?

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