Protext Mobility Helps Keep the Roslyn Community Safer

Safety drives Subaru's design. From IIHS superior crash test ratings to the Subaru EyeSight technology--we couldn't be more confident here at East Hills Subaru to be supplying our Roslyn community with such reliant, safety assured vehicles. But while these safety features do their best to prevent us from getting into a crash and minimizing our injuries when in such, that doesn't mean that they are 100 percent effective in every given scenario or that they help protect the lives of others on the road.

That's why, in addition to blanketing ourselves in Subaru safety, we need to take safety initiative ourselves--especially when it comes to minimizing our distractions while behind the wheel. Texting, for example, can be quite the distraction to drivers and is one of the leading causes of accidents. Fortunately, we do have a solution for our drivers: Protext Mobility.

Protext Mobility, a leader in mobile communications solutions, will be offering their SafeText, DriveAlert and CompliantWireless brands right at our dealership. All of these features are tailored to monitor text activity and curb device use while driving. Such technology is what would help minimize accidents that could easy be avoided in our community.

So put your phone down and if you can't handle the temptation, consider investing in this new technology. And above all, stay safe, Roslyn!

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