2015 Subaru Legacy Lessens Parents' Anxiety

When your son or daughter gets their driver's license, two things happen: the moment of pride and the moment of fear. You are certainly proud of your teen for learning the rules of the road, the little apple of your eye growing up so fast.  Then you realize that he or she is going to be driving, on the road, with other people, where accidents happen. You panic; you cry; you lock your teen in their room and throw away the key.

Stop right there! Let's not get too ahead of ourselves because there is an alternative method to this panic-filled madness. There is always the 2015 Subaru Legacy. The Subaru Legacy comes equip with plenty of safety features to protect your new licensed driver. For instance, the new Subaru Legacy comes with a feature that detects obstacles for you. So when your teen loses their focus, spotting a cute guy or gal walking down the street, the system will brake--either preventing the collision entirely or reducing the severity of a frontal impact.

Get your son or daughter behind the wheel of the new Subaru Legacy with the help of East hills Subaru in Roslyn, NY today.

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