Buying a Car in NY

Reasons to Consider Buying a Car in New York
 It's true, New York City has the most reliable transportation system in the world, is walkable and cabs are everywhere all the time. Many residents of the city opt out of purchasing a car for these reasons plus the fact that parking can be expensive and/or difficult to find. However, there are many cases having a car in New York City can be very convenient and improve your quality of life. Here are a few reasons to consider buying a car even if you live in New York City:   
You Purchase Groceries in Bulk:  If you regularly purchase groceries in bulk it can be a headache getting them home in shopping carts, on public transportation or even in cabs with drivers who are impatient. Having your own car would make it easier for you plus you will be open you to more shopping options.   
You have small children:  If you have babies, toddlers or even elementary school aged kids, a car can be very convenient. Strollers and getting them to school on crowded public transport can be stressful as well as time-consuming if you have kids at different schools.   
You leave the city frequently: Maybe you like to escape the city every weekend to explore nearby states and towns. A car would give you the freedom to drive anywhere you desire whenever you feel like it.   You work outside of the city If you work in an area outside of the subway system, a car would make your commute smoother and faster.   
To live in a less expensive part of the city:  The most convenient parts of New York City are usually the most expensive. The ability to walk to your office or favorite brunch spot usually comes with a hefty price tag but if you move further away or to the suburbs you will find great housing at lower prices. A car would make life much easier for you with such a move. 

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