Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Long Car Rides 

Once the playlist has repeated itself and the snacks have run out, the infamous "I'm bored!" can be heard from the backseat. Head off anticipated complaints with a fun scavenger hunt for the whole family. 

All you've got to do is provide every passenger with a handout of the following items and something to write with. The first to check off everything on the list gets to choose a restaurant for dinner! 
  • License plate from fill-in-name-of-any-state 
  • Wave at someone in another car and get him/her to wave back 
  • Body of water 
  • Church 
  • RV or camper 
  • Someone talking on a cellphone 
  • Pink car  
  • Billboard advertising fill-in-the-blank with what's appropriate for your family 
  • Car-full of another family 
  • Tractor 
  • Wild animals 
  • Tall buildings 
  • Woman wearing a hat 
  • Pet traveling with its owner
  • Oversized truck (not a semi) 
  • Sports car 
  • Wild flowers
  • Gas station 
  • School building 
  • Parked motorcycle

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