Sharing the Family Car

Tips for sharing a family car

Ahh, family life could mean many changes like getting a bigger car or even switching from a car to a minivan when your family grows in size. Most of us parents easily adapt but one of the things most parents would rather is to not share a family car. For those of us in the city, one car may be more ideal but that doesn't make it any less annoying. 

So I've put together a few tips to help you make sharing the family car easier: 

1. Always remove your things when you leave the car.

Sure, you can leave all of your gym equipment in the car or when you're in a rush you leaving your empty coffee cup or uneaten breakfast. These are the things that can be very annoying for the other driver/drivers of the car. Always, leave with your garbage and if you must store a bag or equipment be courteous to let the other driver know in advance and put it away in the trunk of the car.

2. Utilize the memory seat feature. 

The beauty of not sharing a car with another driver is that your seat is always in the position that you're most comfortable driving in. It's an inconvenience to adjust your seat whenever you get into the car so make sure to utilize the memory seat feature in your car. This means that whenever you get into the car, with just a click of a button you would be able to get your seat in your preferred position. 

3. Make a gas and car maintenance plan.

Determine who would be responsible for purchasing gas, monitoring tire air pressure, washing the car and scheduling servicing and oil changes. 

4. Choose a vehicle that makes sense for all the drivers lifestyle.

Maybe you need a really spacious car and your partner needs a pickup truck. Make a decision that would work for the drivers of the vehicle. I hope these ideas make sharing a car a much easier. 

Remember to not stress the other driver whenever they make mistakes, just look forward and focus on adding ease to the experience of sharing a car.  

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