Subaru is proud to announce that they have earned the Best Overall Mainstream Brand Residual Award for 2017, which is the top title offered by ALG. Not only did Subaru take home the top award, but the Subaru lineup earned individual awards for their achievements in retaining value throughout their lifetime. Since 2010, Subaru has been awarded over twenty-five ALG Residual Value Awards, and it has taken home the title of Best Mainstream Brand four times, including three consecutive years from 2010 to 2012. For 2017, awards went to the following Subaru models, each of which took home the top awards in their respective segments:

Subaru Crosstrek - Best Subcompact Utility Vehicle
Subaru Forester - Best Compact Utility Vehicle
Subaru Impreza - Best Compact Car
Subaru Legacy - Best Midsize Car
Subaru Outback - Best Midsize Utility Vehicle (2 Row)
Subaru WRX - Best Sports Car

It is no secret to loyal Subaru fans that the brand offers an amazing overall experience from the moment you buy the car until the later days when you pass it on to your teen driver. But what does it mean to be the Best Overall Mainstream Brand? A necessary aspect in earning this award is that the brand's vehicles will depreciate at a slower pace than the competition. This means that your Subaru will not only last longer than other vehicles, but it will also retain the highest percentage of its original price than its competitors, which is great if you plan on trading in for a newer Subaru model at a later date. There are many other factors that go into ALG awarding this title to one specific brand. The most important is the vehicle's ability to offer value from start to finish, reliability during every drive, and a high residual value. 

Who is ALG? ALG is the analytics division of TrueCar, which is a reliable digital automotive marketplace that provides an incredible range of resources for potential car buyers. ALG was founded in 1964, and it continues to be comprised of industry authorities on residual value projections. Each year, ALG analyzes almost 2,500 vehicle trims in order to assess their respective residual values. This not only serves as a great resource for potential customers, but it serves as an important tool for car manufacturers who are consistently looking into how to improve their models to meet the customer's demands.

Subaru is one of the few brands that has something for everybody, as the lineup is comprised of many unique and innovative models. If you want the ultimate sports car the winning WRX will turn any drive into a track-ready experience. The Outback, Forester, and Crosstrek each offer tremendous capabilities for inclement weather conditions along with family-friendly spaciousness. And if you want the versatility that comes from a comfortable, refined, and spacious sedan or hatchback, the Legacy and Impreza will provide you with an experience you will not soon forget. We would love to speak to you about the phenomenal 2017 Subaru lineup - to get in touch with our Long Island, NY dealership give us a call today at East Hills Subaru!

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